oldmistyaeons said: hi yoni. i just went through a bout with my crohn's disease, and just wanted to say that from entering the hospital to recovering at home now, "by torpedo or crohn's" has been a relieving song to have playing on nearby speakers or inside my head. i hope you're doing well with your own case, and if you ever feel like writing about your experience with the disease—and how came to write music about it—i for one would be interested. i'll understand if it's a sore subject though! take care, caleb.


I’m glad you are out of the hospital brother. For me, it’s always a challenge but I’ve been good the past couple days. I’m constantly tweeking my diet and exercise and work routines. I try to think of the disease as a spiritual issue with gutters to keep me rolling straight down the lane. I’m sensitive to everything. Health is in perfection but I try not to be discouraged if things aren’t perfect. In this one life, you have to just roll with the punches and caresses too. Can’t be too affected.

Love this


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"Male violence against partners is more common than diabetes."

According to a new study published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. Read more here.  (via nationaljournal)

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omfg straight boys complaining about high waisted shorts and crop tops… have you SEEN a girl in high waisted shorts and crop tops?????? have u seen girls’ LEGS in high waisted shorts!???? have u seen a little peek of tummy in a crop top???????? what is WRONG WITH YOU

i think straight boys might be gay

of course they are, stick a drywipe marker pen within 5 yards of them see how long it takes them to draw a dick on something

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"I looked down at my book again, and when I glanced up I saw the dynamic that had been at play the entire length of our conversation: the man’s dick was out of his pants. I looked down quickly and thought about what would provide him the least satisfaction. I considered ignoring it for the final two stops of my ride, but I felt the anger rise in me. I looked up into his eyes, and said, “Get away from me.” He smiled. “What?” “You know what I said. Get away from me and cover yourself.” I pointed toward the door. “Cover yourself. Cover yourself,” I repeated in full voice until he apologized and pulled his pants up."

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Maybe it’s because I’ve read too many stories about women being raped in frat basements and abused by athletes – who, especially if they’re white, tend to go unpunished or get away with a light slap on the wrist. (Well, as long as TMZ doesn’t leak a recording of the incident.) Maybe it’s because I’ve seen groups of men challenge each other to prove their masculinity in ways that are dangerous to themselves and others. Maybe it’s a vestigial fear of the guys who threw kickballs at my head in junior high-gym class (not that I’m saying I wasn’t an easy target, as a 6ft-2in nerd with buck teeth and all of the physical grace of a baby giraffe taking its first steps on the savanna). Maybe it’s because, as an adult, I’ve been harassed by drunk white men far more often than any other demographic.

Or perhaps it comes down to statistics: I’m white, and white people are most likely to be raped and murdered by other white people.


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The scariest people are white men.



Beautiful Us


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The Unbearable Whiteness


The Unbearable Whiteness of Late Night
The Unbearable Whiteness of the Oscars
The Unbearable Whiteness of Television
The Unbearable Whiteness of Cable
The Unbearable Whiteness of Being on SNL
The Unbearable Whiteness of Newsrooms
The Unbearable Whiteness of National Public…


James McNeill Whistler was known as a caustic wit and man-about-town in his adopted home of London. The new documentary James McNeill Whistler & The Case for Beauty takes a close look at the life of this 19th-Century artist.

Tune in TONIGHT (9/12) on PBS.


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