Things I wrote in my notebook while watching Miss Representation*


  • The opinion of the guy who made Crash means nothing to me (-)
  • All these Metric songs! (+)
  • Olympia Snowe didn’t end up voting for health reform (-)
  • I’m surprised J(ackson) Katz and J(ean) Kilbourne agreed—they’ve already made this movie
  • “Fighting fuck toy” (+)
  • Madonna =/= Angelina—I disagree I think they are ~ empowered

I had a lot of the same reactions while watching this esp. re: 2nd wave-y-ness and the mommy-platform.  But here’s the thing — I watched this film in a room full of college students who had to be there for their various classes.  They were not necessarily politically conscious or theory-based people AND the conversation that came up was remarkable.  My coworker and I left feeling physically faint.  On the one hand, there were a lot of non-academic comments and voices in the room that had a LOT to say that’s relevant to today’s feminisms.  But on the other hand, there was a lot of really scary, really oppressive people (often, men) in the room - some of whom actually got up and left really dramatically when other young women called them out.  

This film doesn’t really address POC or queer representation in the media.  It doesn’t do a lot of what those of us who are IMMERSED in social change aspire to.  However, I think we get caught up in how self-congratulatory we are about our progressiveness and our New Issues and our Communities.  Sometimes I feel like I’m surrounded by so many great, egalitarian, forward-thinking people that even when I’m in the process of trying to raise consciousness about oppression, I’m no longer in visceral contact WITH the ugliest versions of that oppression — and THAT is privilege. The thing is, the second wave isn’t over.  There is a reason we’re still a sub-culture.  Quite unfortunately, this film is still revolutionary - still radical.  What we need to do is build on it!

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    I had a lot of the same reactions while watching this esp. re: 2nd wave-y-ness and the mommy-platform. But here’s the...