On March 1, Justin Bieber turned 18 years old, and a few weeks later, he released his single, ”Boyfriend.” The song offers the same fantasy as always—he just wants a girlfriend to cuddle, and that girl is you, baby—but this time, the Biebs sounds smoky, breathy, seductive, wheedling while semi-rapping about fondue and swag over a stripped-down beat. His lyrics say “love,” but his voice says “sex.” In the song’s video (a pretty blatant Timberlake knock-off), he’s a mere shadow of his former self. Gone is the cheesy smile, the purple hoodie, the video games. Instead, there’s lip-licking, waist-grabbing, and a scantily clad girl—no, woman—sitting atop his very, very fancy car. A new GQ profile calls out this calculated reinvention for what it is: part hormones, part rebrand. 

Despite the ick factor of watching a famous kid turn into a sex symbol, it’s a rite of passage. Most of the pop stars who survive their teenybopper years go through a sexually charged metamorphosis right in front of our eyes. In honor of JB’s transition from “lil’ bro” to “swaggy adult,” here are the top five moments of teen stars owning their sexual awakenings.

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