"Neoliberalism turns a sow’s ear into a silk purse by elaborating a narrative of female empowerment. Invoking the feminist critique of the family wage to justify exploitation, it harnesses the dream of women’s emancipation to the engine of capital accumulation."

"How Feminism Became Capitalism’s Handmaiden - and How to Reclaim It", Nancy Fraser, The Guardian 


"I consider myself a revolutionary because I’m a self-made millionaire in a racist society," Jay answered.

Considered from that angle—that Jay-Z sees himself as an activist simply because he’s been able to exploit the game as well as any rich white person—the riot scene in the “No Church in the Wild” video starts to make a bit of sense. The Molotov cocktails and kicks to the bellies of cops are metaphors for Jay and West’s real revolutionary acts: buying private jets, having expensive lunches, and getting invited to important events. Hampton was killed in a tiny Chicago apartment for his rebellion; the Watch the Throne rebellion is fucking models in tony Chicago hotels.


Cord Jefferson, "What’s 50 Grand to a Revolutionary Like Me? Watch the Throne and the New Black Power”

"Trickle-down feminism is as nonsensical a liberation strategy as trickle-down wealth redistribution. The problem with a glass ceiling is that nothing trickles down. While we all worry about the glass ceiling, there are millions of women standing in the basement — and the basement is flooding."

Laurie Penny